Lost to the Sea, 2018

This collection has been inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, celebrating the beauty found in transience & imperfection.

This collection demonstrates an evolution of functional usable vessels to form a more abstract and sculptural piece where each unique vessel brings to life the visceral power of the ocean through the erosion of seaglass & rock strata. Six months of play and experimentation has resulted in the creation of an exciting new technique which has enabled me to bond glass & pewter in a unique and original way. 

Submitted for Pewter Live 2018, the annual competition and celebration of the metal hosted by the Worshipful Company of Pewterer's, this series won first prize in the Student Open category as well as Best in Show.

The vessels are carved from clay, caste in plaster moulds for the glass and molten pewter to be added at the optimum temperature at which to add and cool. This has enabled me to find an original way to bond the materials without the use of adhesive or cold connections by simply using the physical properties of glass and pewter under heat and pressure to create one homogeneous piece. 


Experimentation with cooling times and temperature has allowed me to exploit the glorious array of colour and texture possible with the metal.

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