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#1 Simple circle (steel)

#2 Champagne cord wire (steel?)

#3 Wire framework - woven ring (copper)

#4 Wire framework (steel)

  • No frames adhered to the glass therefore can't really be considered a 'sealed setting'

  • Copper oxidised but still no join

  • Indent formed within glass.

  • Irregular spaces did not work - molten glass wants to find a space to flow and will take the path of least resistance = blowout

  • Hard solder held together under blown glass temperatures on copper samples.


Blown glass within frameworks is a possible route but would be more impactful at a larger scale. There is also the issue of the lack of adherence and the glass moving around in the cage and causing breakage if worn on the body. Much tighter seal needed.

The removal of the frame is starting to create some interesting forms so more interesting line of enquiry frameworks as a former / mould.

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