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Material Compatibility [METALS WITH GLASSES]

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Model making session to prep for glass blowing workshop. Reflecting on materials to make a decision on which will be compatible:

Platinum 1760C

Titanium 1725C

Borosilicate glass 1650C

Kovar (copper nickel, cobalt alloy): 1450C

Steel 1205-1370C

Copper 1085C

Brass 930C

Bronze 913C

Extra Hard Solder (laser welding) 810C

Needing to avoid use of solder and create join which will withstand temps of up to 1650.

Some flexibility seen here as copper tests show no sign of melting in tests.

PREFERRED METALS TO BE SELECTED IF HOT CONNECITON MADE: TITANIUM, KOVAR OR STEEL as proof of concept with opportunity to create using platinum once concept refined post MA to elevate to to luxury status and combined with 'low' glass.


Platinum + soda glass

Stainless Steel + Lead Glass

Kovar + Pyrex (but graded seals)

Kovar + 8250 Borosilicate (matched seals)

Titanium + Silica glass (but check graded seal possibility)

Demo booked with the lovely Leo @ HSWalsh Wed 15 Nov

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