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Artist Statement

My practice is inspired by a sense of transience and imperfection, strongly connected to memory and the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. Through the decorative objects and jewellery that I design and make, my aim is to celebrate the fleeting moments in our lives, to capture their inherent beauty as well as the sense of sadness and loss.


Understanding how personal experience influences our response to what some may consider a ‘difficult truth’ is a source of fascination. It's the tension between acceptance and memorialising which drives me to explore the human compulsion to collect and record through my work. 

I work predominantly in precious metal and glass and enjoy the contrast that combining these materials bring. The properties of what they traditionally represent somehow seems to reflect the act of remembrance and forgetting - certain and solid, but with a sense of fragility and other-worldliness at the same time.

Most recently I've found myself experimenting with sand casting pate de verre with fine silver and pewter to gain insight into how fragile a form can become before it vanishes completely. To understand how the properties of different materials can be ‘absorbed’ by another under different conditions. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is considered functional or wearable to the point of disintegration, something that has been a constant in my work over the years and reflects this notion of the passing of time.


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