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Cocoon-like pate de verre glass vessels present an intimate story of fertility & symbolise the connection between mother & child.

Forming part of the degree show these fragile glass jewels & delicate vessels seek to capture the beauty to be found in the acceptance of change.


Reflecting on my own experiences as a mother I found that as my son has become more independent, my work has started to acknowledge this passing of this stage of my life and an identity in flux. 



By subverting traditional processes through fusing pate de verre directly onto silver brooch settings and by leaving elements un-fired my aim is to challenge material expectations. Using glass in this way has enabled me to push the boundaries of what is considered functional or wearable - very often taking a concept to the point of disintegration.

This collection of wearable objects are intended to be intriguing to regard but can be uncomfortable  or constraining when held or worn, designed to capture the often confusing or missed emotions associated with the maternal role.

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