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Smash & Grab

An exploration of hi-energy through materiality, form and colour coupled with the use of low/residual-energy production techniques.

A jewellery collection created for the Worshipful Company of Pewterers'  and inspired by DNA structures, chains and links which explores the idea of value and waste.


Crushed windshield glass and discarded shards of coloured glass are combined with recast pewter trinkets found from the junk shops of Hastings. The materials are united using a cast-in-place method using active physical engagement with the mould to amplify the energy generated by the already charged molten pewter and embrace the inclusions.


A direct challenge to the materials and processes traditionally consider appropriate for fine jewellery and body adornment and create a  plique-a-jour effect for a contemporary market.


EstelleBurton_Creative_Convolute_11.0 (2).jpg
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