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Breathe, 2018

A collection of enamelled jewellery inspired by seasonal changes & my home by the sea.

The range is hand fabricated and assembled to combine Sterling Silver, industrial copper mesh and enamel with 'flashes' of 24 carat gold leaf. Light as a feather, each piece reflects the coastal seasons to embody the sea mist and therapeutic effect of the ocean.

The enamel rests delicately on the mesh frame to give the appearance of a well worn tapestry whilst allowing the light to penetrate each piece giving a sense of an other-worldly glow. This is then set within a hand fabricated silver bezel setting which are inspired by the shapes of the pebbles on the beach.

I'm happy to say that the collection has been selected by the British Society of Enamellers for the upcoming 2018 exhibition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Guild of Enamellers' annual bursary award.

Estelle Burton - Contemporary Enamel Jewellery. 'Breathe' Collection.
Estelle Burton - Contemporary Enamel Jewellery. 'Breathe' Collection

The making process

A subtle colour palette has been selected based on the coastal seasons and the mists that rise over the shore at dawn. Each layer of liquid virtues enamel is layered onto the mesh and fired in the kiln to create a real sense of depth. Each given a 'shot' of gold or silver leaf to give a hint of the light reflecting on the sea. Just like my early morning walks, no two pieces are ever the same. 

Please contact me for sales or commissions.

Estelle Burton - Contemporary Enamel Jewellery. 'Breathe' Collection.
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